61 27 Simplified

2 min read Jun 20, 2024
61 27 Simplified

Simplifying Fractions: 61/27

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Fractions can be simplified by dividing both the numerator and the denominator by their greatest common divisor (GCD). In this case, we want to simplify the fraction 61/27.

Calculating the GCD of 61 and 27

To simplify the fraction, we need to find the GCD of 61 and 27. We can use the Euclidean algorithm to find the GCD.

Step 1: Divide the larger number by the smaller number

61 ÷ 27 = 2 with a remainder of 7

Step 2: Divide the smaller number by the remainder

27 ÷ 7 = 3 with a remainder of 6

Step 3: Divide the remainder by the new remainder

7 ÷ 6 = 1 with a remainder of 1

Step 4: Since the remainder is 1, the GCD is 1

The GCD of 61 and 27 is 1, which means that the fraction 61/27 is already in its simplest form.


The simplified fraction of 61/27 is still 61/27. Since the GCD of the numerator and denominator is 1, the fraction is already in its simplest form.

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